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From here and abroad

We are Amerindian, African, European, Indian, Caribbean.

Our story begins with the arrival of the Arawaks, tribes from the Amazon.

It continues painfully with the black trade, we are deported from Africa by European settlers for the cultivation of sugar cane mainly.

After the abolition of slavery, it continued with the arrival of new workers from India.

Caribbean, we also come from the neighboring islands.

Our miscegenation is our greatest wealth.

Our culture

French overseas department located in Central America, we speak French but also Creole, our regional language.

Our island lifestyle pushes us to develop a state of mind where zenitude permeates us.

Warm, caring and friendly people we like to gather, celebrate and welcome around our good food.

Our region

Our area of 1128 km² makes us one of the smallest French overseas departments.

On our island, different landscapes coexist: beautiful white sand beaches that we like to enjoy on weekends, wonderful waterfalls and rivers that refresh us on hot days.

Our beautiful peaks such as the Grande Dame, our Mount Pelée or the Pitons du Carbet allow us to disconnect and marvel at the beauty of the tropical forest.

Land of art & sport

We like to surpass ourselves through our authentic sports such as the Yole Ronde, our emblematic and unique boat in the world.

The expression of our art is also marked by our past, our rich and tumultuous history. Everywhere on the island, we give free rein to our emotions, in our streets or facing the ocean.

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